Csaba Henter

Csaba Henter


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Preparation and Prosecution of Domestic and International Utility Patents, Opinions and Analysis re: Patentability, Infringement, Validity, Freedom-to-Operate and Due Diligence, Patent Portfolio Management and Strategy


Chemical, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals

Csaba Henter is a Director who focuses his practice on the chemical arts, including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, which includes process engineering aspects as well as catalysts, metal alloys, polymers, cosmetics, pigments, nutrients, vitamins, glass compositions, ionic liquids, liquid crystalline compounds and compositions, and a variety of chemicals and corresponding processes for the electronics industries, including for sputtering targets and semiconductors. He is additionally an accomplished prosecutor of a variety of mechanical inventions.

Mr. Henter works extensively on patent prosecution for many of the firm’s leading clients, including major pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, in all areas of chemistry and chemical engineering, and he has also brought in a number of clients of his own. He also does patent opinion work concerning validity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate, as well as providing technology area landscape reviews and summaries. Mr. Henter also provides advice on a broad spectrum of legal issues, which predominantly concern various aspects of patent practice and strategy. He also has extensive experience with filing and managing large international patent portfolios and communicating with foreign associates.

He joined the firm in 2001, directly from completing considerable course work towards a master’s degree in patent law at George Washington University, which occurred immediately after law school at Rutgers University. Mr. Henter also has an extremely strong technical educational background. He holds bachelor’s degrees in environmental engineering and bioresource engineering, the latter of whose curriculum was most similar to agricultural engineering, as well as a master’s degree in chemical and biochemical engineering.

Mr. Henter, who is ethnically Hungarian, was born in the Transylvania area of Romania and came to the United States at age 12. He is fluent in Hungarian and has traveled throughout Europe numerous times, occasionally also holding seminars on various patent topics. Mr. Henter has also developed a special interest in working together with Asian clients, predominantly from Japan and China, and has traveled extensively to foster relationships with clients in Asia. He also provides presentations on a regular basis on a large variety of legal developments concerning US patent practice both in person, especially during his travels, as well as through occasional webinars. Mr. Henter also regularly contributes to the firm’s newsletter.

Rutgers School of Engineering (B.S. Bio-Environmental Engineering 1995)
Rutgers Cook College (B.S. Bio-Resource (similar to Agricultural) Engineering 1995)
Rutgers School of Engineering (M.S. Chemical and Bio-Chemical Engineering 1996)
Rutgers School of Law Newark (J.D. 2000)
Attended LLM program at George Washington University, in Washington DC from 2000-2001


New York State Bar (2000)
New Jersey State Bar (2000)
Admitted to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (2001)

Speaking Engagements and Publications
Conducted seminars and presentations on U.S. Patent Law in Hungary (in the Hungarian language), as well as in Germany, Japan and China