MWZB at 3rd Berkeley-Tsinghua Conference on Transnational IP Litigation

Mr. William Nixon and Ms. Wan-Ching (Christin) Montfort of MWZB’s Electronics, Computer and Software group, recently attended the 3rd Berkeley-Tsinghua Conference on Transnational IP Litigation, held virtually with attendees from all over the world.  The Conference examined the IP litigation systems and trends in China and the U.S.  Topics included the rise of anti-lawsuit injunctions for intellectual property matters across different jurisdictions, trade secret litigation in China and the U.S., and the growing number of lawsuits involving Chinese companies in the U.S.  Mr. Nixon and Ms. Montfort’s clients include several Chinese companies with infringement and litigation concerns. They also represent Chinese and U.S. companies in Amazon Neutral Patent Evaluations.  The topics of the Conference will help them advise these clients on how to strategically pursue their business interests and protect their intellectual property without increased exposure to litigation.  Please contact Mr. Nixon at or Ms. Montfort at for pursuing your intellectual property rights in China and the U.S. or enforcing your rights in the U.S.


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