MWZB and USPTO Partnership Meeting

On August 11, 2020 the USPTO and Technology Center 2800 hosted the first all virtual partnership meeting.  This was the most widely attended partnership meeting ever as all technology centers were invited to attend.  Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations Andrew Faile kicked off the event along with comments from Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations Donald Hajec.

MWZB Partner Ryan Pool was asked to present at the event on the issue of improving examination quality in the context of 35 USC 112 indefiniteness.  Mr. Pool shared his thoughts on this issue as well as data from his JPTOS publication regarding reversal rates for individual rejections types before the PTAB (here).

The event was a great success and served as a useful opportunity for mass communication with many levels of USPTO employees from Examiners to leadership.  Mr. Pool especially thanks Training Quality Assurance Specialist Brian Sircus, who partnered with Mr. Pool to present on the 35 USC 112 indefiniteness topic.

Certificate of Appreciation (Ryan Pool)


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