MWZB is #1 At Maintaining Dependent Claims

Independent Patent Analytics Company Juristat has identified MWZB as the best firm in the US for maintaining client’s dependent claims.  Juristat states that this is a strong signal of the quality of patents being issued:

“Allowance rate merely tells us how many applications received NOAs, and nothing of the quality of those applications. Besides merely getting an application allowed, clients are also concerned about the quality and scope of their claims. One way to determine this is by measuring how well a law firm preserves claims through prosecution.”

Juristat reports that MWZB only loses 0.17% of dependent claims while prosecuting its clients applications to allowance.  Second place lost almost 1% of dependent claims, third lost about 2%, and tenth place lost almost 6%.

In separate reports Juristat has also identified MWZB as being top ten in allowance rate and in the fewest Office Actions before allowance.  The above data combines to show that MWZB is efficiently issuing a high number of high quality patents.

See the link here for the Juristat story:


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