New Fixed Fee Design Product

We are pleased to announce a new Fixed Fee structure for filing and prosecuting Design patent applications. This new fixed fee product is aimed at providing value and a high degree of cost certainty for our clients. We are now pleased to offer a new $1,300 fixed fee design patent product that will cover both filing and prosecution of the design application. Specifically, the fixed fee covers all attorney work and standard firm fees from filing the application through prosecution to Allowance or final rejection. Please see a complete description of the fixed fees coverage below the attached presentation.

The attached presentation discusses the advantages of obtaining Design patents and our new Fixed Fee structure for filing and prosecuting Design patent applications. Design patents can be a useful supplement to utility patent and/or trademark protection and provide unique IP protection in their own right. If you would like to discuss filing for a design patent, please feel free to contact our Design patent expert Ryan Pool ( or any other of our attorneys.

Complete listing of fees:

$1,300 Flat Fee for preparation and prosecution of the design patent application to Final Office Action/Allowance. This Flat Fee includes the Firms fees related to filing the application with associated documents e.g. POA, DEC and ADS, and will also include our fees for prosecution of the application including responding to all communications from the USPTO to Allowance or final action.

The USPTO fees and Patent draftsman fees for preparing the drawings are not included in the Fixed Fee. However, we do offer Guaranteed Drawings. This mean that we guarantee that the drawings we draft and file will be free of errors, i.e., no formality rejections. Should any rejections be issued we will fix the drawings at no cost. The Fixed Fee will also not include the below list of services which are not applicable to all applications. These will each cost $100 (exception being submission of a priority document which is $75).

  • Preparation and Submission of Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
  • Preparation and Submission of Preliminary Amendment
  • Submission of Priority Document ($75) Submission of an English translation
  • Late Submission of Inventor Declaration (post filing)
  • Preparation and Submission of Assignment

Please note that after the USPTO allows the design application, the USPTO charges a $700 issuance fee (large entity). Additionally, there is a $420 firm fee for a pre-allowance review of the file and attending to all the issues relating to issuance. There are no maintenance fees for designs.

Our new Fixed Fee design patent product including guaranteed drawings offers a high degree of cost certainty. Paired with our over 95% allowance rate for design applications, clients can have a high degree of confidence that pursuing a design patent will produce a valuable return on their investment.


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