About Us

From its inception in 1969, our firm has been counseling and providing services for clients in a full range of intellectual property legal matters. These span all aspects of intellectual property rights including patent, trademark, and copyright procurement worldwide, assessments of validity and infringement, due diligence analyses, licensing and enforcement through litigation in the United States courts and in the International Trade Commission.

Our expertise includes: for patents - portfolio strategies, application preparation and prosecution worldwide, reissues, reexaminations and interferences, in a wide variety of technical disciplines including chemical, biotech, and mechanical inventions; for trademarks - registrability and right-to-use analyses, application preparation and prosecution worldwide, oppositions and cancellations; as well as unfair competition, copyright and other intellectual property matters.While we are vigorous in our approach to procurement of intellectual property rights, we maintain a keen focus in prosecution on optimizing enforcement and licensing of the rights we obtain for our clients.

Our location near the United States Patent and Trademark Office facilitates close contact with its examiners and other officials. When it comes to enforcement through litigation or alternative dispute resolution, we are similarly vigorous but ever mindful of our clients' best interest, both legal and economic. We continue to emphasize high quality for our clients at a reasonable cost.